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Discover Bali's
Best Shisha Lounge

Welcome to Eden Hookah Club, Bali's premier shisha cafe and dining spot.
The winners of the International Hookah Battle in 2019, 2022,
2023 & 2024
We offer you an unforgettable hookah experience.
Try the best hookah in Bali at our hookah bar. We offer a wide selection of tobacco: Herbal molasses - nicotine-free hookah tobacco, Virginia tobacco, Burley tobacco, and elite Burley. Here you will find first-class equipment, experienced hookah masters, friendly staff, and a real Balinese atmosphere.
We want to show you that the Eden hookah club is not just a hookah bar! We are a vibrant restaurant located in Bali, known for serving unique shisha flavors and extravagant dishes. Furthermore, we offer a Western and Asian fusion menu. Eden is available for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. What a nice bonus for a hookah!
We opened in May 2019 in the heart of Seminyak -
A center of Bali nightlife with world-famous hotels. If you desire a luxurious and comfortable life in Bali, and if you are looking for a memorable night getaway, Seminyak is the best place for you.
About Eden Hookah Club in Seminyak:
You can find a pool area and VIP room in our shisha cafe, which we call "Eden Park". You can enjoy your shisha in Seminyak by the pool, you may have a floating breakfast or lunch, or you may savor your dinner with a live music.
In Eden Park, you can stay private in a VIP room with AC, where other people won't disturb you. Here you will enjoy your shisha with the most comfort and privacy. Here you can organize a business meeting, lecture, master class, play popular video games on PS5, or play Mafia Game with your Bali friends.
The second area - "Eden Lounge" is divided into 2 floors with AC. On the second floor of Eden Hookah Club Seminyak, you can enjoy shisha on the balcony with a street view. If you are a true lover of comfort and romantic vibes, you can listen a live saxophone with the guitar every Tuesday & Thursday, and jazz music every Friday. DJ music fans and cocktail lovers can visit Eden Hookah Club Seminyak on Saturday. Every day here is a new holiday for you and your friends.
About Eden Hookah Club in Canggu:
In October 2022, we took a big leap and brought Bali vibes to the most crowded area - Berawa, Canggu!
Berawa is a hotspot for surfers of all levels in Bali, with a lively surf culture. It's home to a thriving cafe culture, offering some of the island's finest coffee and brunch spots. Here, you'll discover famous Bali beach clubs, gyms, and will connect with the fashion and fitness community. This is a place to find your travel buddy and fan company... if you are ready to create new memories!
In Eden Hookah Club Canggu you can enjoy live music every Wednesday, Friday & Sunday and a DJ set every Tuesday.

Step into your favorite shisha cafe! Eden Hookah Club Canggu is a two-story glass haven filled with Bali island ambiance and vibrant night lights.
Attention for Bali Shisha Lovers in UBUD!
In December 2023 we opened in the heart of Ubud!
We decided to extend our Shisha Lounge & Restaurant in Ubud. It's the most vibrant location with the unique Lounge design! Immediately, Eden Ubud got 1st place in the International Hookah Battle - Lounge Awards 2024!
If you are already in love with our shisha - this is news for you:
In November 2023, we opened our doors in Ubud, In the heart of Bali's cultural and spiritual center. Explore wild jungles, discover yoga and meditation centers, join breath-work classes, and savor delicious raw and vegan cafés together with our delicious shisha.
Try our Western fusion & Indonesian cuisine to feel happy every day.
Ubud has many things to offer: endless cafés with vegan options, rice terraces and one of the best hookah in bali...
If you know - you know!
Doesn't matter where are smoking a hookah - in Ubud, or hookah in Canggu, or hookah in Seminyak. You know we will try our best to provide your best hookah lounge experience. Our shisha bars in Seminyak, Canggu, and Ubud present a shisha lounge atmosphere with real Bali relaxation.
Visit Eden Hookah Club in Ubud for a herbal shisha, waterfall, and jangle view and experience a true Balinese vibe. It's your haven for finding inner harmony.

If you're a shisha lover and planning a trip to Bali, you've found your perfect spot! Come on in and make yourself at home!
Every Wednesday is a Live music & every Thursday is a DJ set - Afro house & Afro beats with a spice of ethnic music.
Follow our social media to stay updated about our events and promos!
Discover our delightful coffee and extensive tea collection. For something special, come here to enjoy an authentic Chinese Tea Ceremony skillfully prepared by our tea master over an open fire with unique equipment!

Your time and relaxation mean the world to us! We host a fantastic night of live music every week at each venue – just for you!
To make your night more exciting, we created a special list of signature flair cocktails. Wait for a show, prepare your phones to shoot fantastic stories!
If you're a true DJ music enthusiast, we've got something special just for you! Bring all your friends to our vibrant shisha cafe and savor a perfect DJ Night, whether you're in Seminyak or Canggu! We have unbeatable cocktail promos that will keep the good times rolling all night!
Often we organize different Bali entertainments for our guests: Shisha degustation or tasting with different tobacco brands. Also, we have a digital game table with a touchscreen in Seminyak which is always available for our guests. With that table, you can join a competition and win an iPhone 15!
Follow our Instagram to be updated: @edenhookahclub.
We provide the most comfortable place to work for digital nomads in Bali. Our cafe is the perfect choice for people who looking for delicious food, great drinks, top-quality shisha, and a peaceful lounge atmosphere.

Start your Bali journey with breakfast in Seminyak. Enjoy your lunch in Canggu, or come over for a shisha & dinner in Ubud.