Taste Our Mix: Explore Eden's Tasty Dishes

Located in the magical land of Bali, Eden Hookah welcomes authenticity and is well known for its variety of delights. With premium spots in Canggu, Seminyak, and Ubud, the club beckons visitors to escape in a reminderless e-shisha experience.

Known for their best flavor for shisha, the club Eden Hookah Lounge is an amazing hideaway place where you inhale all different tasty flavors with every puff. This place will make you depict enthusiasm with every move, where serenity is hand-in-hand with exhilaration. This is a captivating place with a charm that will stay with you forever.
A shisha placed on a table
A shisha placed on a table

A Myriad Of Hookah Flavors

Eden Hookah Club captivates visitors with its diverse range of hookah flavors and mouth watering cuisine, promising an experience that transcends the ordinary.

From the streets of Seminyak to the serene surroundings of Ubud, each venue offers extended operating hours, ensuring that guests can unwind and indulge in the ultimate hookah experience at any hour of the day or night.

Eden Hookah Club does not offer cheap hookah flavors; rather, it focuses on the very best to ensure customers keep coming back for more, drawn by their love for the exceptional quality and unforgettable experiences. Every flavor they offer is of exceptional quality and can be considered the best flavor for shisha.

Russian Cuisine And Beyond

But it isn’t just shisha Eden Club hooks you on. They also treat you on a journey to experience Russian cuisine, cuisines from beyond, and a wide selection of cocktails.

For their Russian selection, they offer many different dishes for you to experience. Some of these are:


They are beloved Russian food and, most frequently, they are much liked for breakfast or dessert. The cottage cheese pancakes have an airy and crispy exterior but a soft interior. They are usually served with some sour cream or honey, complementing the sweet and sour flavors that excite your taste buds.


This dish, which has a basket-like design, consists of a herring filet, boiled potato, carrot, onion, and beetroot decorated with mayonnaise. Heavily influenced by national culture, its wide variety of food with bright and flavorful colors typically makes up a vibrant display during special occasions and gatherings.


This salad is created using small pieces of boiled potatoes, carrots, peas, pickles, and eggs combined with mayonnaise; the mixture has multiple tastes and textures.

But there is still more left to surprise you! Along with Russian cuisine, Eden Hookah Club also offers international delicacies and a worldwide culinary journey. Their menu includes a wide variety of cocktails, making sure one suits your taste.
Syrniki breakfast serving
Syrniki breakfast serving

The Final Say

Eden Hookah Club is your go-to place with an exciting blend of tasty dishes. Ranging from the familiar tastes of our Russian classics, like thinned-out cottage cheese pancakes and delicious, aromatic solyanka soup, to the exciting flavors of international cuisines, we have something for everyone!

Along with an impressive collection of impeccably prepared cocktails, the club presents patrons with a dining experience that goes beyond borders while acknowledging the power of the diversity of flavors that make the world of food so full of life.

Eden Hookah Club operates from 9 AM to 2 AM in Ubud and Canggu and from 10 AM to 3 AM. With the best hookah price in town and the unparalleled experience we offer, Eden Hookah Club is sure to be a memory you will want to keep forever. Contact us now and make your reservation today!

Restaurant Addresses :

Eden Hookah Club in Seminyak
Instagram: @edenhookahclub
Phone: +62 895-1969-7650
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Eden Hookah Club in Canggu
Instagram: @edenhookahclubcanggu
Telephone: +62 813-2830-9995
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Eden Hookah Club in Ubud
Instagram: @edenhookahclububud
Phone: +62 878-6495-7688
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