Experience A Global Hookah Journey located at the Heart of Bali at EDEN HOOKAH

In one form or another, hookah, shisha, or waterpipe smoking has been uniting people for generations, as far as corners of the world. This could be termed as the traditional and mastering process of sharing quality flavored smoke with friends and or family members and believe me it has not died it lives on and on with Eden Hookah in Bali.
Exquisite experience at Eden Hookah

Quality that Deserve an Awards

The shisha bar of this astonishing venue has been acknowledged in 2019, 2022, and 2023, and the main aim here is to provide an extraordinary hookah smoking experience. The explicit quality of SHARA Hookah services offers professional hookah sessions to experienced users and introduces Hookah to people who are eager to learn about the taste of this wonderful creation.

Three Locations, Three Vibes

Therefore, Eden Hookah has branches at Seminyak, Canggu, and Ubud which cater to different tastes. Seminyak evokes a rather chic vibe due to its splendid interior design, while Canggu can be described as a true beach town. Ubud’s location evokes the artsy vibe of the place to give a more bohemian-themed atmosphere.

Regardless of location, be prepared for always smiling and informative staff, who willingly dedicate their time and effort to ensure each customer enjoys the best hookah experience.
Eden Hookah Cozy Interior
Eden Hookah Cozy Interior

The Prospective of Taste Buds in a Global Arena

But, what really goes for EDEN Hookah is a mind-blowing shisha collection that sources the inspiration from every corner of the globe. The traditional choices, of course, include the aromatic Arabic blends and the extra-fresh mint; but there’s also more daring experiences for your palate.

Here's a Flavor Flight Around the World:Here's a Flavor Flight Around the World:

The Middle East: For the traditional taste , there are rich Arabic delights such as highly potent double apple, semi-sweet umm sagheer (dates), or classic watermelon infused with a touch of mint.
India: Discover the spice trade with inspired spice mixes of India with the addition of cardamom, tea Chai, and the accommodation of roses.

The Americas: Travel across a year to Europe with dishes that reflect the freedom of America. Consider warm blueberry cheesecake, sour key lime pie or the Berrys twist version of cola.

Asia: It is time to explore the amazing Asiatic gives with blends unlike any other in the world. Try the Thai mango filled with sweetness and creaminess of sticky rice, The Japanese sakura’s delicate floral flavour or the Hawaiian coconut and pineapple.
This is just a glimpse (and yes, a pun was intended since it’s ‘taste’) of the impressive and constantly updating shisha menu at EDEN Hookah. The staff will never hesitate to suggest some of their popular flavors or even help you choose one if you’re having troubles or even mix them to your preference if you want to try something new.
a man with Hookah enjoy the vibes with his woman
a man with Hookah enjoy the vibes with his woman

More Than Just Flavor: Eden Hookah Experience

EDEN Hookah is a lot more than just providing great shisha. It’s fun go out and meet friends while enjoying the tradition of hookah smoking within a classy environment.
Expert Preparation: See how the shisha is prepared for the hookah by EDEN’s experienced staff to create the perfect shisha bowl and provide a great smoking experience.

High-Quality Ingredients: They only employ high quality shisha tobacco and the natural coals to ensure a quality smoking experience.

Food and Drinks: Make your hookah session even more enjoyable with the choice of appetizing food and beverages. A wide selection of meals can be found on their menu, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and drinks as well.

Relaxing Atmosphere: Relax in comfortable couches and chairs and savor the lively atmosphere. Every place is designed to provide different moods, whether for dancing or just hanging out and listening to songs.

The Social Side: Thus, hookah is not only an experience that takes place on the individual level, but is deeply social as well. Often people who share a hookah sit and talk and take time to relax and bond well with their friends. EDEN Hookah is the perfect place to enjoy a great time with the ones you love.

Hookah for Newcomers: EDEN: The Ultimate Guide

If you are still confused and unsure about going directly into hookah; then, EDEN Hookah is the starting point tailored for your palate. They are very approachable and their pleasant staffs and trainers are ready to listen to all your queries and discuss the procedures. Here are some tips for enjoying your first hookah session at EDEN:Here are some tips for enjoying your first hookah session at EDEN:

Tell them your taste: Introduce yourself and inform the staff to the different flavors you enjoy and if you have any prior experience using hookah.

Relax and Savor: However, contrary to smoking cigarettes, hookah smoking is designed to be a slow, leisurely process. Enjoy your food take your time with the different favorable tastes in the food served there and do not hesitate to take your time with orders.

Embrace the Ritual: Smoking hookah can also be a social occasion since selecting, preparing, and passing round the pipe is quite entertaining. The services rendered by a competent staff are best demonstrated at this stage and one should ask questions about the different elements in the diagram.

EDEN Hookah: Beneath the Horizon, a World of Flavor Has Emerged

Whether a hookah aficionado who wants to explore more worlds of tastes or an epicure prepared to try the first hookah, EDEN Hookah has everything in store. Quality, large varieties of shisha and good ambiance bring EDEN Hookah to the perspective of any hookah lover who intends to visit Bali.

Restaurant Addresses :

Eden Hookah Club in Seminyak
Instagram: @edenhookahclub
Phone: +62 895-1969-7650
Eden Hookah Club in Canggu
Telephone: +62 813-2830-9995
Eden Hookah Club in Ubud
Phone: +62 878-6495-7688