A Unique Ubud Nightlife Spot Offering the Extraordinary Experience of an Elegant Tea Party

Looking to get the best hookah in a stylish venue that you can share with friends and capture some great memories? Then check out the Eden Ubud Hookah Club in Ubud. Come to us today and lose yourself in the finest of hookahs!
Elegant venue for Tea Party in Ubud

This menu shows the varieties of food and shisha that customers could get at Eden Hookah Ubud.

Enjoy a perfect meal to begin your morning, for example, the Eden breakfast, which comes with smoked salmon and avocado, or go for a sweeter option, such as the crepe with toppings. For lunch, it is recommended to order chicken shawarma that is bursting with oriental spices, or soto ayam, which is popular in Indonesia. Finalize your meal with the marvelous ‘Spartak’ chocolate cake or perhaps a fruit tart to end your meal on a sweet note.

Hookah Menu

  • Herbal 250 K: Tombacco Tea Leaves (This Consists of Tea Leaves That Contain No Nicotine in Them).
  • Virginia Tobacco 275 K: Adalya is another vertical that incorporates Tombacco White Line and Al Fakher.
  • Burley Tobacco 300 K: Darkside, Tombacco Black Line, Musthave, Blackburn, Nash, Deus, Starline
  • Burley Elite Tobacco 325 K: Tangiers The idea of choosing Tangiers as the new home was introduced by Thomas, the main character of the film.
  • Extra Fruit Bowl + 250 K: It has stocks in Pineapple Slices, Guava Slices or Wedges, and Dragon Fruit Slices or Wedges.
Eden Hookah Club is also providing a mouth-watering menu with something for everyone and for any time of the day. Whether one is a breakfast person who needs a big meal to kick-start his or her day, a lunch person who wants something light, or an evening person who wants a heavy meal in the evening, Eden has something yummy for you.

Elegant Tea Party in Ubud

Eden Ubud Hookah Club is not only encompassing Hookah but is also the best place for the classy tea party. Now you can try delicately flavored teas accompanied by harmonizing music and style in the middle of beautiful scenery in Ubud. Therefore, our tea parties are unique events that combine the concept of a traditional tea party with the atmosphere of our hookah bar.

The perfect setting

a beautiful woman smoking shisha_hookah (2)
Our cozy ambiance is to make our guests comfortable while at the same time feeling like they are in a comfortable environment, which is too good for casual meetings and other ceremonies. The nice chairs, soft lighting, and relaxing setting of Eden Ubud make it the ideal venue to hold a tea party with friends and family.

A Fusion of Flavors

The tea menu range at Eden Ubud is complete and complements the dishes on the menu exquisitely. It does not matter if you are interested in a classic English tea or enjoy some exotic variety; our tea parties will bring together a tasty combination that is sure to suit everybody’s taste. Tea can best be accompanied by cakes, sandwiches, and other pastries or sweet dishes such as chocolates or jellies.

Make your reservation.

It will be a great mistake if you fail to attend the magnificent tea party at Eden Ubud Hookah Club. From business lunches to romantic date ideas or even girls’ days out, tea parties are guaranteed to take the time of a lifetime. Why not make your reservation today to understand why Eden Ubud is the right place for an exquisite and royally grand tea party in the blissful town of Ubud?

Visit Us

Visit the Eden Ubud Hookah Club and embrace yourself in the atmosphere of tenderness, richness, and top-class hookah services. The core values of our organization would include the commitments our team has to offer to you by providing the best services possible and ensuring that your visit with us will be nothing less than the very best. This is the message that is used as a closing line: We are eager to see you and ensure that your stay in our facility is remarkable.

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