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Putting together a hookah

It is necessary to start the process of hookah preparation by checking the availability of all the accessories. There is a minimum set of items, without which the process of smoking hookah will not be able to meet your expectations. For example, the absence of a ball in the valve, will negatively affect the tightness of the hookah, because when inhaling will pass too much idle air. This will reduce the efficiency of the hookah, and the amount of smoke and saturation will be minimal, although the device itself is capable of more.
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Scheme of hookah completion:
  1. Kalauda lid
  2. Coal
  3. Kalaud
  4. Tobacco or other special blend for hookah
  5. Cup
  6. Cup adapter
  7. Plate
  8. Top pipe of the shaft
  9. Valve cover
  10. Ball in valve
  11. Cifil
  12. Seal under the bulb
  13. Lower tube
  14. Diffuser on the shaft tube for easy inhalation
  15. Flask
  16. Charcoal stove
  17. Hygienic mouthpiece
  18. Hose handle (mouthpiece)
  19. Hose
  20. Hose adapter
  21. Hose adapter
  22. Cup cap or net
  23. tongs

Hookah kit may also include:
  1. Hose gasket
  2. Cup gasket
  3. Melasso trap
  4. Smoke cooler
  5. Foil (possibly any other means to control the temperature of the charcoal heat)
  6. Foil awl
  7. Light
  8. Charcoal basket

When all the components from the list are available, proceed to the assembly of the hookah. Having assembled the hookah, you should check its tightness. In order that the smoke when inhaling was a lot, it was saturated with flavor, the desired amount of nicotine and thick when exhaling.
In conclusion, hookah is not just tobacco and water. It is a meditative experience that combines the art of preparation, social interaction and the pleasure of taste. We invite you to dive into the world of aromatic vapors and flavor discoveries with us. Visit us and discover the true pleasure of hookah at our Eden Hookah Club establishment.
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