A gastronomic journey at Eden Hookah

Gastronomic journey from Russian delights to World Tastes at Eden Hookah

Eden Hookah premises in Ubud
Let me plunge you into a culinary journey at Eden Hookah Club, where Russian cuisine is revealed in all its diversity. Here every dish is not just a tradition, it is art, intertwining history and modernity.

Imagine: we start with sirniki. They are unusually delicate, each bite carries the taste of homeliness, seasoned with a pinch of sugar and the aroma of vanilla.
Cheesecakes. Sirniki. Russian cuisine
Our gaze then falls on solyanka, a soup that makes us dream of recipes lost in time. Each spoonful of this soup is enveloped with meat notes joining with sweet and sour accents, creating a melody of flavors.
Solyanka soup. Bread, garlic and rich soup.
And the Shuba. Each layer of this salad is like a page of a book telling about the simplicity and splendor of Russian cuisine. Herring under a coat of vegetables and mayonnaise is a story about the sea, the land and the labor of fishermen and farmers.
Shuba salad. Russian tradition
And here we are, in front of us olivier a salad that embodies the spirit of the holiday. It is a dish, each component of which speaks of harmony and harmony: soft potatoes, crunchy carrots, juicy peas and tender meat, combined together, create a symphony of flavor that will stay with you for a long time.
Olivier salad. Russian cuisine
At Eden Hookah Club these dishes do not just satiate, they make you enjoy every moment, every taste. Here Russian cuisine does not just feed, it tells stories, it inspires and takes you on a journey through boundless expanses of tastes and aromas.

This is a place where every visitor does not just eat, he immerses into the atmosphere full of memories and new discoveries. Eden Hookah Club offers not just food, but a whole world of taste sensations waiting for you to explore it.


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In Eden Hookah Club, apart from Russian cuisine, there is another assortment of dishes that can satisfy any taste preferences. From classic international appetizers to exclusive author's dishes - every guest will find something special. For a complete immersion into the world of culinary delights of Eden Hookah Club, I recommend you to read the full menu on their official website or visit the establishment in person to enjoy the variety and high quality of dishes.

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