Feel Special: VIP Treatment at Eden Hookah Club

When you take a trip to Eden Hookah Club in Bali, you can expect to be pushed to the top of the ranks and receive VIP treatment with an unmatchable personal touch.

We delight in running the world's premier Hookah club on the island. The first thing you'll notice as soon as you enter this heavenly place is a personal greeting by our VIP host and a conversation to accompany you through the exclusive entrance to our signature VIP lounge area.

The prime example is a sumptuous space with very high ceilings, lanterns hanging from the ceiling, intricate carving details on the wood, and an architectural design followed by Moroccan traditions.
Hookah Lounge with an inviting Vibes
Hookah Lounge with an inviting Vibes

Premium Shisha Selections

Designated as a VIP, you will have a free run to explore our coziest lounges featuring plush velvet couches, low brass tables, and high-end decor that projects a perfect modern chic atmosphere.
Creating a perfect atmosphere involves dim lighting and flickering candles. If you feel like socializing with your friends or are celebrating a significant occasion - this can be easily achieved in privacy.
In fact, our Shisha masters are absolute pros in their work. They take special care when preparing this amazing tobacco mixture using only the best from their well-known regions, such as Sultan Al Fakher, Starbuzz, and Fumari.

Glorious Way of Food and Drink Service

For your VIP pass, you will get much more than just a delicately made shisha: you can enjoy other delicious delights like beer, wine, tea, hot drinks, and other delicacies.
If you aim to treat your palate to a big assortment of gourmet snacks, consider gulping down fresh tropical fruit platters, locally sourced buffets, and house-made dips and mezze. Or you can have a scoop of Arabic sweets for good measure.
Moreover, you can quench the thirst on your lips with fresh-made juices from the press, deliciously scented Arabian teas, uniquely crafted signature cocktails, or an impressive selection of wines and premium spirits available.
Our staff member will be your right-hand man, regularly delivering unlimited refreshments to your table throughout your stay.

Unparalleled Personal Service

As our VIP-honored guest, you'll get the warmest greeting, meeting every demand with great generosity and hospitality. We managed to produce organic e-juice that contains purely organic ingredients, allowing us to boast about our products' taste, smell, and health superiority.
If you visit our website, you will be assigned a special VIP Manager to assist you in making every facet of your stay unforgettable. The concierge will take care of greeting you upon arrival, leading you to your private lounge, and getting to know you.
An attendant under command will ensure that you are comfortable and that your Hookah, food, and drinks are well taken care of during your stay.
a man enjoying hookah in a lounge.
a man enjoying hookah in a lounge.

Convenient Locations

The Eden Hookah Club owns three chill-out hotspots in three of the busiest areas in Bali. These areas are the Seminyak center of flashing activities, the Canggu surf scene for those who love the beach, and the spiritual location in Ubud.
Whether at a chic and hip lounge or a cozy and flirty one, you will enjoy first-class gratification amid each lounge's distinctive style. Moreover, compared to other Hookah Club prices, we offer an unforgettable experience that is light on your pocket, too!
The fight to win over customers searching for the best hookah club near me is not easy. Still, for VIP clubgoers looking for the most authentic experience, Eden Hookah Club is the only destination that will fulfill them just a stone's throw away.

Book Your VIP Experience

Experience the luxurious VIP Hall you deserve at Eden Hookah Club. If a great hookah night out at one of the premier Bali Hookah clubs is at the top of your to-do list, don't hesitate; we have the perfect setting.
Spend an eventful night with the best choices and unbelievable moments at the most VIP Hookah Club in town – Eden Hookah Club. Topped with the best VIP rooms, fantastic service, and a plush furnished lounge, it provides the finest place for consuming Hookah; it's worth it.
Reach out to us today and create unforgettable, flawless moments that will make you glow with pride and immense happiness in the coming years.

Restaurant Addresses :

Eden Hookah Club in Seminyak
Instagram: @edenhookahclub
Phone: +62 895-1969-7650
Eden Hookah Club in Canggu
Telephone: +62 813-2830-9995
Eden Hookah Club in Ubud
Phone: +62 878-6495-7688